The Value of Free Legal Advice for NRI Property Disputes

Considering an NRI cannot stay in India for a prolonged period whatever property or land the person owns is left untended or is given out to tenants, like houses and land holdings which are often an easy target for encroachments. Such asset is usually bought for investment purposes and is left unattended by NRIs. This […]

transfer property

Steps For Transfer of Property

A Property Transfer in India is not as easy as one might think. If you own real estate in India and wish to transfer it to another person’s name you might as well believe that your family member belongs to a similar society. Hence, it is always safe to seek legal help from property management […]


7 Tips to Consider before Investing in a Luxury Apartment in India

As a developing nation, India is currently experiencing economic and industrial developments. In metropolitan cities, a huge demand is being raised for luxury apartments. This trend has been recognized by several developers and is in the pursuit of building premium segment flats, targeting the upper-middle-class people across India. Therefore, investing in a luxurious residence is […]


Consumer Rights

There are Six Consumer Rights which everyone should be aware of:   Right to security RTS among consumer rights means the right to be protected from the marketing of goods and services that are vital. The acquired products and services should meet not only their immediate needs but also meet long-term interests. Before purchasing, consumers […]


All You Need To Know About Estimating Property Value

Property Value estimation is necessary for a variety of endeavours, including estate financing, listing a property for sale, investment analysis, property cover and the taxation of estate. For most people, determining the question or purchase price of a property is the most useful application of real estate valuation. This article will introduce you to the […]

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All you need to know to buy property in India for NRI

Buying a property in India is a dream for Indians who live overseas and that support the Indian government which has simplified the process for NRIs to buy real estate in India, making it incredibly easy for them to buy property in India.   Eligibility The eligibility criteria for Indians living elsewhere is categorised into […]