Litigation services for NRIs


Litigation Lawyers nowadays have become a common term, and there are millions of cases registered in a year related to various types of disputes. We provide a free legal advice and service for NRIs regarding all the litigation services through our litigation lawyers. We have solved thousands of cases till now and have had a 90% satisfaction rate and to know more about our service in detail and to determine if a legal matter falls within the category of litigation, you should first go into the core meaning of litigation and other terms.



What is Litigation?

It is an ultimate legal method for settling squabble or disputes between and among persons, organizations, and the State. In lawsuit process, a case (lawsuit) is brought before a court of law suitably to hear the case, by the parties involved (the litigants) for resolution.

In simple words, litigation refers to the disputes handled in the court system but specialize mainly into the disputes related to property matters only. For a detailed view, please read the services we offer.


Types of Litigation services by our Litigation Lawyers:



This is in the case of a legal dispute between parties in which money damage is involved, or an order requiring the performance of a particular act. It does not seek criminal sanctions. It distinguishes lawyer Court work in the non-criminal stream of actions in law.

It also includes cases of which falls under the consumer protection act 1986 if you are already having an issue like this here the process of filing a complaint in the consumer court:

  1. Draft and send a legal Notice against the concerned stating your reasons for discontent
  2. Wait for a reply for the required time from the other party
  3. On no-response, form a petition stating facts and evidence with the help of expert litigation lawyers
  4. Approach the Consumer Court and file your complaint against the builder



A legal dispute regarding specific business transactions also referred to as “commercial lawsuit.” It is caused when companies face complex disputes with other business houses.


It is a legal dispute arising out of a patent infringement.


This could be a civil legal dispute resulting from securities fraud. This is a bureau of “business lawsuit,” requiring a very specialized knowledge and skill set. It is a lawsuit filed by investors like you which include many disputes like including shareholder class actions, charges that public auditing firms have violated securities laws, etc. Also, securities disputes often have a criminal counterpart, as securities fraud is treated a serious crime.


A case with complex legal and case management challenges due to complex legal issues, significant amounts of documentation, scores of parties or the interdependence of other related legal actions. Complex dispute issues often require creative solutions to keep costs down and encourage efficient decision-making by the court, lawyers and all parties involved. Simple legal real estate litigation can be resolved by any experienced business attorney, but we also offer a comprehensive solution to complex disputes in which multiple parties are involved in multiple jurisdictions significant amount of money is involved.


It is a little different from the civil lawsuit it covers all the matters in which a state government imposes some charges on the issue of unethical practices which does not allow NRI’s to enter the country premises and we help in overcoming those issues.

Our teams of experienced litigation lawyers are always there for your problems feel free to contact us if you have any problem like this.  Land disputes can occur in everyone’s lives, especially NRI as they give their lands and houses to people who they think can take care of their property. But result in often being thrown out of their property and feel harassment in fighting those cases in the courts of India for years.

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