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Must Know Rules for NRIs for Real Estate Investment in India

One of the most critical considerations for an NRI real estate investment in India is that he understands the financial landscape. As per adherence to new real estate laws, buying a property for a non-resident Indians (NRI) is now easier than ever before. Any person with an Indian passport can invest in Indian real estate, […]

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Investing in India Property? Beware of the Tricks used by Builders

  With the increased incidents of fraud in the Indian real estate market, Investing in India Property becomes risky it is high time that they are carefully discussed and delineated. Here are some common tricks used by builders from whom you should protect yourself from Before Investing in India Property. Possession of the Apartment Most […]

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2017: Why do Investment in India

Why people do investment? Maybe they want financial security. What is the reliable way to achieve financial security? It’s to save and invest money over a long period to have financial stability in the future. According to the typical thinking of most people, if you need more money you need to work harder. But will […]