Don’t Panic When Receive a Legal Notice

In a contemporary world, we enter into many contracts and agreements with individuals or firms. Therefore, litigation has gained a lot of importance over time.  Some people file legal suits straight away, and a few choose to intimate to the opponent. Serving of notice is made according to the legal law. There are legislations which […]


7 Tips to Consider before Investing in a Luxury Apartment in India

As a developing nation, India is currently experiencing economic and industrial developments. In metropolitan cities, a huge demand is being raised for luxury apartments. This trend has been recognized by several developers and is in the pursuit of building premium segment flats, targeting the upper-middle-class people across India. Therefore, investing in a luxurious residence is […]


3 Steps to Take When Inherit Property

Make sure the residence is transferred to your name, request the mutation of the title, and take legal advice Property-related disputes are common, and court cases involving rights over real estate can last for decades. Such conflicts are more familiar in cases of inheritance. When you inherit property, you can not include conducting financial transactions, […]

investment in india

2017: Why do Investment in India

Why people do investment? Maybe they want financial security. What is the reliable way to achieve financial security? It’s to save and invest money over a long period to have financial stability in the future. According to the typical thinking of most people, if you need more money you need to work harder. But will […]


Inhumanity and Animal Cruelty in India

  As Abraham Lincoln has well said it, “I am in support of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the process of a whole human being.” In India though, many do not think in the same way. Examples of cruelty and inhumanity towards animals are on the rise and what’s being done […]