All You Need To Know About Estimating Property Value

Property Value estimation is necessary for a variety of endeavours, including estate financing, listing a property for sale, investment analysis, property cover and the taxation of estate. For most people, determining the question or purchase price of a property is the most useful application of real estate valuation. This article will introduce you to the […]


NRI Real Estate Investing Guide

The strengthening dollar has made real estate investing for non-resident Indians very lucrative. The Indian government has also facilitated standards for NRI investment in India. Real Estate is one of the best sectors that see a lot of investment from NRIs as it does not require any special/prior authorizations. However, it is crucial to understand […]

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All you need to know to buy property in India for NRI

Buying a property in India is a dream for Indians who live overseas and that support the Indian government which has simplified the process for NRIs to buy real estate in India, making it incredibly easy for them to buy property in India.   Eligibility The eligibility criteria for Indians living elsewhere is categorised into […]


Budget 2017 positive for India Real Estate Developers

  Investors will get Affordable Housing Plans The policy guidelines enlightened in the Union budget 2017 are positive for real estate developers working in the field of affordable housing, according to the rating agency Moody’s Investors Service. The largest and most effective policy guideline for the real estate sector is the granting of infrastructure status […]

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How Inherited Property is Transferred?

Dealing with Indian real estate issues, especially if you have lived outside the country for a long time can be a nightmare. One of our clients was excellent at the legal documentation and left a will that clearly defined the distribution of their assets. So the title in itself was not disputed, but unfortunately, a […]

Buying property in India

Tips for NRI’s for Buying Property in India

NRI should be aware that courts are slow in India and cases involving in buying property can take decades to resolve. Therefore, it is best to be careful to verify the documents before buying a property in India. Horror stories of real estate transactions are not infrequent in India. Most of the registration offices for […]