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Section 31 of RERA, 2016 declares that any aggrieved person may file a rera complaint with the regulatory authority or Adjudicating Officer, as the case may be, for the violation or contravention of the terms of the Act or any rules and regulations formulated under this Act against a promoter, allottee or real estate agents. […]

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Decoding Occupation Certificate –Things You Should Know

As one knows, buying home in India involves a lot of documentation and paperwork. However, a majority of home buyers, especially the first-timers, are either unaware or overlook some of the most important documents, one of them being the Occupancy Certificate (OC). Check out five things you should know about the Occupation Certificate 1. Occupation […]

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Before the formal submission of a consumer complaint in consumer court, it is desirable for the consumer to notify the opposite party of the lack of services or unfair trading practices, etc., to see if the trader is prepared to make good the loss suffered by either replacing the commodity or returning the purchase value. […]

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NRIs:- All you need to Know About Gift Deed in India

Gift Deed is a transfer of a certain movable or immovable property made voluntarily and without consideration by a person called a donor and accepted by or on behalf of the donee. It is usually made of love and affection Conditions related to gift deed The gift deed must be accepted during the life of […]

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Know How Sale Deed is Executed in India

A sale deed is also named as conveyance deed. It is a critical document in property transactions. It is a legal document and evidence that the sale of a land and property has been made in favor of the buyer from the seller. It is also a record that the buyer is the absolute owner […]

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4 Must Things To Do Before You Sell Your House

  Selling a house is as difficult as buying a new one. From looking for a buyer to execute the sale deed, one must exercise extreme caution in order to extract the best offer. Evaluate the value of your property The initial step is to make a proper valuation of the property. You can assess […]

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Complete Guide to Property Registration Process in India

Everyone has a desire of owning a house. Buying a property is one of the most important investments for people, as they put a lot of their hard-earned money into it. So, it is crucial for the buyer to know the process of property registration on his/her behalf. Needless to say, it helps the buyer […]


Know how to Profit from Residential Property Investment

 Residential Property Investment has historically been recognized as a potentially lucrative investment asset class, which is why it continues to attract attention around the world. In India, the real estate sector is the second largest employer and is expected to grow over 30% in volume and scope over the following decades. Forbes held the growth […]

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Must Know Rules for NRIs for Real Estate Investment in India

One of the most critical considerations for an NRI real estate investment in India is that he understands the financial landscape. As per adherence to new real estate laws, buying a property for a non-resident Indians (NRI) is now easier than ever before. Any person with an Indian passport can invest in Indian real estate, […]


RERA and GST Impacts: Buyers Prefer Certificate of Occupancy-Finished Projects

With the RERA and the GST now in force, many buyers are likely to prefer properties with certificate of occupancy although they can cost more than an under-construction one. We examine the reasons With the implementation of the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA), the residential real estate sector is experiencing considerable changes. The […]


The Value of Free Legal Advice for NRI Property Disputes

Considering an NRI cannot stay in India for a prolonged period whatever property or land the person owns is left untended or is given out to tenants, like houses and land holdings which are often an easy target for encroachments. Such asset is usually bought for investment purposes and is left unattended by NRIs. This […]

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Steps For Transfer of Property

A Property Transfer in India is not as easy as one might think. If you own real estate in India and wish to transfer it to another person’s name you might as well believe that your family member belongs to a similar society. Hence, it is always safe to seek legal help from property management […]


Registration of Power of Attorney in India

NRIs or Overseas Citizens should note that it is now compulsory to have the Power of Attorney registered, especially for property matters. In fact, it is well advised to get all POA documents sent to India or even if executed in India to be enrolled at the sub-registrar office. Courts in India usually give importance […]


Don’t Panic When Receive a Legal Notice

In a contemporary world, we enter into many contracts and agreements with individuals or firms. Therefore, litigation has gained a lot of importance over time.  Some people file legal suits straight away, and a few choose to intimate to the opponent. Serving of notice is made according to the legal law. There are legislations which […]


7 Tips to Consider before Investing in a Luxury Apartment in India

As a developing nation, India is currently experiencing economic and industrial developments. In metropolitan cities, a huge demand is being raised for luxury apartments. This trend has been recognized by several developers and is in the pursuit of building premium segment flats, targeting the upper-middle-class people across India. Therefore, investing in a luxurious residence is […]


3 Steps to Take When Inherit Property

Make sure the residence is transferred to your name, request the mutation of the title, and take legal advice Property-related disputes are common, and court cases involving rights over real estate can last for decades. Such conflicts are more familiar in cases of inheritance. When you inherit property, you can not include conducting financial transactions, […]

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2017: Why do Investment in India

Why people do investment? Maybe they want financial security. What is the reliable way to achieve financial security? It’s to save and invest money over a long period to have financial stability in the future. According to the typical thinking of most people, if you need more money you need to work harder. But will […]


Inhumanity and Animal Cruelty in India

  As Abraham Lincoln has well said it, “I am in support of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the process of a whole human being.” In India though, many do not think in the same way. Examples of cruelty and inhumanity towards animals are on the rise and what’s being done […]

Succession Certificate


When a person passes away intestate, that is, without leaving behind his Will, then there is a need to properly distribute the debts and securities of the deceased and discharge his liabilities. Succession Certificate is a document granted by the court to the legal heir of the person dying intestate and leaving behind debts and […]


Investment Options in India for NRIs

Through this post, we are trying to list down the investment options available for NRIs. As we have been informing throughout all my interactions, no investment makes any sense if we are not informed of why we are investing and what is our target ROI. So, always ensure that Financial planning precedes any investment options […]


Selling Property in India? What NRIs should know

NRIs can do buying and selling property in India, and they can also bring the profit abroad after the sale of their property, but there are a few things that you need to learn and remember. E.g. you need to know that the sales revenue amount can only be deposited in your NRO account and […]


Are NRIs eligible to buy property in India?

Yes, according to the exchange control law, NRIs are authorised to buy property in India, except for agricultural land, farm house or any ownership of the plantation. This means that NRIs can buy apartments, bungalows, residential plots and land properties, both in property and in the lease. NRIs are also allowed to purchase commercial properties, […]


Consumer Rights

There are Six Consumer Rights which everyone should be aware of:   Right to security RTS among consumer rights means the right to be protected from the marketing of goods and services that are vital. The acquired products and services should meet not only their immediate needs but also meet long-term interests. Before purchasing, consumers […]


All You Need To Know About Estimating Property Value

Property Value estimation is necessary for a variety of endeavours, including estate financing, listing a property for sale, investment analysis, property cover and the taxation of estate. For most people, determining the question or purchase price of a property is the most useful application of real estate valuation. This article will introduce you to the […]


NRI Real Estate Investing Guide

The strengthening dollar has made real estate investing for non-resident Indians very lucrative. The Indian government has also facilitated standards for NRI investment in India. Real Estate is one of the best sectors that see a lot of investment from NRIs as it does not require any special/prior authorizations. However, it is crucial to understand […]

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All you need to know to buy property in India for NRI

Buying a property in India is a dream for Indians who live overseas and that support the Indian government which has simplified the process for NRIs to buy real estate in India, making it incredibly easy for them to buy property in India.   Eligibility The eligibility criteria for Indians living elsewhere is categorised into […]


Budget 2017 positive for India Real Estate Developers

  Investors will get Affordable Housing Plans The policy guidelines enlightened in the Union budget 2017 are positive for real estate developers working in the field of affordable housing, according to the rating agency Moody’s Investors Service. The largest and most effective policy guideline for the real estate sector is the granting of infrastructure status […]

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How Inherited Property is Transferred?

Dealing with Indian real estate issues, especially if you have lived outside the country for a long time can be a nightmare. One of our clients was excellent at the legal documentation and left a will that clearly defined the distribution of their assets. So the title in itself was not disputed, but unfortunately, a […]

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Tips for NRI’s for Buying Property in India

NRI should be aware that courts are slow in India and cases involving in buying property can take decades to resolve. Therefore, it is best to be careful to verify the documents before buying a property in India. Horror stories of real estate transactions are not infrequent in India. Most of the registration offices for […]

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Purchase of Agricultural Land in India by NRIs – Foreigners

  Be Alert when purchasing reconverted agricultural land in India: Foreigners cannot purchase agricultural land in India. This applies to all of India. No state in India allows foreigners to purchase agriculture land. NRI’s cannot purchase Farm Land in India. Yes! All over India as above. Approval is required from the Reserve Bank of India […]